Reticube Technology: The Power of Creativity! Luxury home Furniture.


Reticube Technology rappresents a new bound in the production of the accessories surrounding us. Now, objects can be created in three-dimensional form, while before could only be imagined or drown.

Creativity is the added value which trasforms a door handle, knobs, bathroom accessories into an original and exclusive ebject. Tehnology and design have to create a rare and nice object, which is precious not only for the ingredients but also in the design and realization.

Only from the mix among design, technology, materials and skilled work, a very excellent product can be created. The most precius materials do not suffice to produce a high quality handle. The ability of those producing it is necessary. And especially the designer’s talent is indispensable.

Creativeness is an intrinsic component of high quality. Moreover, among all components, it is the rerest one!

The guarantee of the products is totally MADE IN ITALY, all production phases take place in out seat and exclusively on the Italian territory, in compliance with the basic criteria of craft, the result of a thirty-year exprecience in the filed of accessories.